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Mason Crosby is a Super Bowl-winning American football player who plies his trade with the Green Bay Packers, where he has spent his entire National Football League career. Here is all you need to know about the two-time First-team All-American pick, his wife, family and net worth.

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When you’re born to celebrity parents, it usually means that there are a lot of things you’ll never have to struggle for and a lot of opportunities will be gifted to you on a platter. Kevin Kimmel’s story may not have been that luxurious but he did enjoy some of the perks of being a celebrity’s child. He is the son of celebrity television personality and comedian Ireland Boys. However, he was born at a time when his father was still struggling to establish a solid career. Jimmy was not a celebrity yet so Kevin did not get to experience the full extent of the perks that come with the celebrity lifestyle.

It seems that Kevin has inherited his father’s genes given the witty comments he regularly posts on his social media. He also works in the show business world, same as his dad, but most of his responsibilities see him fulfill roles as a crew member rather than cast. Throughout his career, Kevin has fulfilled a lot of roles from sound guy to production assistant and more. Here is everything we know about the actor and miscellaneous crew member.

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Iggy Pop is an American-born singer, songwriter, producer and actor. Known as the “godfather of Punk”, Pop rose to fame as the frontman of the rock band ‘The Stooges’. The group disbanded in the 70s before reuniting in 2003. Iggy Pop had a volatile yet successful solo career – during the Stooges’ hiatus – with numerous albums and hit singles like 1977’s “The Passenger” and “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”.

The Stooges continued to create music after their reunion in 2003 and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. The group finally dissolved in 2016 following the death of some of its members. Iggy Pop’s music style over the years has comprised of several forms of rock with a fusion and jazz and blues.

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This piece delves into the life of American actor and television personality Adam Richman who turned his love for food into a career. Even more interesting is the fact that he had eaten to his heart’s content and gained massive weight but decided to quit and lose all of the weight.

Born into a Jewish family on May 16, 1974, in Brooklyn, New York, The versatile host first attended Solomon Schechter school and later went to Talmud Torah high school but finally graduated from Midwood High School. Having been raised in the Sheepshead Bay neighbourhood of the borough, he had his university education at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and followed it through with a masters degree from the Yale School of Drama.

Of all the popular genres of television, Richman chose to pursue his career in the most unlikely part which catapulted him to instant fame and made him an authority on all things food and how to eat and enjoy them.

After he got his master’s degree, Adam Richman ventured into food, calling himself a self-taught food expert and sushi chef. So far, his career has spanned over two decades and has seen him travel the world as a professional competitive eater of very big and spicy foods.

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Payton Moormeier is a social media celebrity from America who has made a name from himself as a musical star and a creative individual with several useful skills which he has parlayed into a career. He has gained incredible success from uploading content on Musical.ly, which is now known as TikTok. His challenge and prank videos have helped spread his popularity and Payton is considered the heartthrob of teens and adolescents everywhere with his innocent charm and adorable looks.

Despite his young age, Payton has already succeeded in landing millions of followers across his social media pages, all of whom admire the work he is doing as a creative and as an artist. He is building a brand that will stand the test of time and probably propel him into more illustrious opportunities beyond the digital space. He is also the proud owner of a successful merchandise line where he sells clothing and accessories that are branded with his name or something witty that connects to his overall brand. He has hacked the social media landscape and influenced it better than most people will in their lifetimes.

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In Hollywood, some actors are known to be the kings and queens of stunts and that is where you would find Japanese-American, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. a talented sports physiologist, martial artist, and stuntman who is known for his portrayal of a villain in the films Mortal Kombat, Pearl Harbor, and Tekken. Let’s take a glimpse at his bio, family life and other salient details about this multi-talented actor.

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On his Instagram, Luke Korns describes himself as a maker of so many things and he couldn’t be more right. Though he also admits that most of the things he does are stupid, we love him all the same. Korns is one of the most talented YouTubers out there. He became interested in the film making industry from an early age and at 15, he created his channel.

Although you may not have seen him on the silver screen, he has his eyes on becoming a film director one day. Judging by his activities, we could well assume that the day is not far off. He has earned more than 2.1 million subscribers on his UncleKornicob channel.

Besides YouTube and film making, Korns tries to learn new things all the time. On his weekly vlogs that chronicles his life, he shares his learning attempts such as learning how to play the guitar, write a song in 24 hours, going vegan for a week, and learning how to speak Spanish. Now, it’s up to us all to learn more about him, ready?

Luke Korns Bio (Age)

Lucas Thomas Korns became a part of the world’s population on the 26th day of September 1996; he was born in Wausau, Wisconsin, the United States. He has an older sister named Mandy, but almost nothing is known about his parents, except the fact that they support his life dream and would go all the way to facilitate his aspirations.

Talk about dreams; Luke Korns had only one growing up – to become a movie director. He was attracted to the film industry as a child and has stayed close since then. Even, he moved to Los Angeles, California with his best friend (and fellow YouTuber) Mikey Murphy.

When he got his hands on his first camera, he put it to good use. Being utterly creative, he started making videos. Then, he was 15. Korns joined YouTube in July 2010 and posted his first video, Burts Song – Official Music Video in January of the following year. At first, he was the subject of his projects, but gradually, he began to rope in others who were only too glad to help make his dreams come true. Together, they create videos on different topics ranging from relationships to prank videos.

Some of the people he has worked with in making his videos include Ireland Boys, Chris O’Flying, and Turner Lux.

Luke Korns tries out tons of new and interesting things for his vlogs. His channel is more like a platform where he chronicles his life via a continuous documentary of his crazy ideas, weird thoughts, and adventures. Some of his adventures include learning the guitar, going vegan for a week, and flying to Norway to face his fear of doing a 360 on a ski jump.

His blend of boyish charm and wry wit resonates well with fans, mostly young viewers, who come around weekly to see what’s up in their favorite YouTuber’s life; and Luke Korns has not disappointed them once. His videos have earned him more than 2.1 million subscribers and they have been viewed over 93 million times.

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